Bury’s Nicky Maynard will bring 2 crucial qualities to Mansfield Town

Mansfield confirmed the signing of striker Nicky Maynard on a free transfer, following the expiration of his contract at Bury.

Since Bury was promoted from League Two last season, they’ve lost their manager and two best players in Danny Mayor and Maynard. It’s a torrid time for The Shakers and there’s a massive amount of work to do for them to be ready to kick-off their League One campaign on 3rd August.

So, Mansfield has been quick to snap up Maynard. What will he bring to The Stags?


Simple, but you don’t win games without them. Maynard was the difference between Bury finishing in the playoffs and winning automatic promotion. He scored 22 goals last season and I’m predicting he’ll hit the 20 goal mark again next season in League Two.

The 32-year-old has played for some top clubs over the years, West Ham, Cardiff and Wigan. Although he’s lost his electric pace, Maynard is still quick and an instinctive finisher in the box. Create him chances and you’ll be fighting at the right end of the table come May.


Mansfield lost out in the play-off semi-final vs Newport County, after losing on penalties.

In these type of games, I feel you need as much experience on the pitch as possible and goal scorers. Neither side overly commits to winning the games, always very tight and scoring opportunities are limited. What you need is an experienced striker, who will score a chance if given one. Someone like, errr Nicky Maynard?

He’s a perfect signing for The Stags. In close games, he only needs one chance and he might be the difference between getting one point or three. That might propel you to promotion instead of having to settle for playoffs.