Laurent Banide Surfaces But Oldham Athletic Fans Are Still Unhappy

Laurent Banide’s appointment earlier this month was something of a surprise to Latics fans who had never heard of the former Monaco coach.

Since then, the mood amongst Latics fans has been mixed with some prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. While others are up in arms that the new appointment wasn’t someone who has bags of experience in the UK at the highest level.

Banide wasn’t due to appear before July 1st but gave his first interview and announced his assistant Bouziane Benaraibi on Wednesday. The interview is short but it should still have satisfied those who were wondering when he was going to surface.

Listen the Laurent Banide’s first interview here

However, some of the multi lingual Latics fans weren’t impressed obviously:

As usual the ‘story’ that he didn’t speak English turns out to be bogus.

The latest accusation though and by far the most ridiculous is that the club ‘has lost its identity’. It will come as a complete shock that we had one in the first place and presumably means that any club with a foreign coach (and there are quite a few) has lost their identity also.

It is the Oldham sense of humour that shines through all the negativity however and best tweet of the day comes from young vlogger Rhys Parsons.