Fans Turn Up United to Help Save Bury FC

There are few occasions in this world where a back street social club can save a football club, however, the Victoria Community and Youth Centre in Whitefield may have just bucked the trend.

Despite chairman of Bury FC Steve Dale being a no show once again, club director Matt McCarthy took to the microphone to answer questions Shakers fans have been dying to answer for weeks.

On an early spring night against Cambridge United, rumours began to fly around regarding just how bad the money situation was concerning the League Two runners up.

Now two months since the drama surfaced, over 250 fans came together alongside the board of directors to help save one of England’s oldest football clubs.

The aim of the night was to ‘be united’ and end the deep divide between any Bury fan or club official who has taken aim at how the Shakers have been run.

By the end of the night, board member McCarthy was receiving warm applause from all sections of the room. There you can work out how well the night had gone.

The situation regarding Bury is still a mess, so to speak. Staff are yet to be paid, players can follow Scott Burgess out of the club at any given time. Ryan Lowe can leave the club for Plymouth or potentially Tranmere Rovers if he wants to at any moment.

Yet the beauty of having an ex-player as a manager means, Lowe will do no such thing. Fans were told Lowe and the majority of players would stand by the club. The training pitch at Carrington may have to go to save costs. All being well, however, if Bury are to be sold and bought again, the manager and his staff want to be training at Lower Gigg as soon as possible.

Right now though Steve Dale is the chairman and until any changes are made as far as he is concerned, Bury Football Club still remain in trouble. Attendees were asked not to shout or hurl abuse at Dale anymore. This Saturday a protest will be held outside the ground at 1 pm.

The good news regarding a sale is potential investors still remain. One of whom is Forever Bury where Dave Giffard has launched a potential takeover bid, but he said his expected claim will be turned down.

The good news is, far too many people in the area don’t want to see Bury go into liquidation. Everybody, however, wants Dale to sell up and never to think about them again.

McCarthy will hold talks with the EFL today with regards to the clubs future. As we all know, however, this turmoil cannot last forever.

With the 2019/20 fixtures due to be released on June 20th, the chances of another court adjournment are impractical. Nobody who loves football wants to see a club founded in the 1800’s go bust.

Sadly far too many custodians of 21st century football have threatened for clubs to fall beneath the waistline. On a positive note, far too many won’t let that happen, as a meeting on a warm May night in Whitefield proved.