What does the Future Hold For Bolton After Bassini Takeover Talks Collapse?

For those who are still concerned over the future of Bolton Wanderers, the breakdown of talks with Laurence Bassini are another setback in the fast disappearing hopes of keeping the club alive.

The latest missive from the University of Bolton stadium has seen the club announce that Ken Anderson, the current owner of the club, will consult his advisers and consider the best course of action as a matter of urgency. They also claimed that Bassini had not taken up an offer to carry out due diligence in the club’s data room.

Whilst the interest of Bassini in purchasing the club brought about its own reservations, many believed that despite his poor track record at least his involvement might buy more valuable time for the club to get themselves in a better position.

Unfortunately, another nail has now been hammered into the BWFC coffin with the announcement that the EFL has awarded Brentford three points for the game that was postponed due to the players strike. The decision given is that safety could not be assured if the replay went ahead.

Not being able to fulfil the club’s fixtures is a serious breach of league rules and the club will now face disciplinary proceedings. The EFL said, “As a consequence, Bolton Wanderers is now deemed to be guilty of misconduct by the EFL which will result in disciplinary proceedings against the Club being taken at an appropriate time.”

“The decision to award the victory to Brentford is taken under Regulation 33.2 and is independent of the proceedings referred to above.”

Anyone with a long enough memory will recall that when Aldershot was in a similar situation in 1992, their expulsion from the league was swift and went largely unnoticed. However, Wanderers are a club with a much larger profile and other clubs who are walking the tightrope between financial stability and disaster will be monitoring the situation with interest.

  • Philip chesworth

    Ken anderson has alot to anser for,ruining an original members stature,reputation,call it what u like,heis solely to blame,doesnt care about the club ,fans,town,when u live in “MONACO”,he was in it to earn a fast buck of a club like”BOLTON”buys it for really nothing and wants millions for it,then makes excuses and blames everyone else but himself for the situation,wen he could of done us all a favour by getting the hell as far away from bolton as he could and giving us our club back,our club may never come back from this,45 ive been watching this club and these times under Anderson are the worst ive ever known,this is my club,not urs “ANDERSON”,or all the fans,just take ur white teeth,cheesy grin and suntan and ur underlings and go and let people who love the club run it.

  • A ludicrous state of affairs for which the EFL must bear some of the responsibility. Should never have allowed KA to buy the club and certainly should not entertain Bassini. Surely something can be done to stop vultures like them from running clubs into the ground and then walking away with large sums of money taken from a struggling club’s coffers.

    Please can Moonshift as the main creditor do the decent thing and place the club into administration and then maybe a properly fit buyer can be found for a club with so much potential. Or are all buyers of lower league clubs unscrupulous scumbags?

  • I will admit that I think it is funny. I hope the club get what they deserve and that is thrown out of the football league and have to come back up through the steps. They will return quickly and the fans will have a blast. The club/business is rotten, the fans are rotten and this is exactly what a club like that deserve.

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