The Oldham Athletic Managerial Circus Claims Another Victim

If someone who knew absolutely nothing about football was asked to write a book about the game and make it as far fetched as possible, they couldn’t possibly hope to reach the standard currently displayed by Oldham Athletic.

The news that Paul Scholes has walked out of the club after 31 days, will be viewed by some Latics fans as positive proof that owner Abdallah Lemsagam should never have been let anywhere near Oldham Athletic in the first place.

The reason being given is that it became clear to Scholes that he would not be able to operate as he intended and, was led to believe prior to taking on the role.

With the news and press release barely minutes old, Latics fans were torn between believing that Scholes has been the victim of a massive confidence trick or, that his realisation of the magnitude of the job in hand had finally dawned on him. Whatever the reason, 31 days is absolutely no time to settle into a job in football and, even if Scholes’ explanation is nearer the truth, it does his reputation no good at all.

Whatever the reason is, it is unlikely that Latics fans will be treated to any sort of explanation as the transparency that was promised some time ago has become a foggy view into a darkened room.

What is absolutely clear however is that Oldham Athletic’s place as the clown club of League football has been firmly cemented into history. No amount of madness compares to what has emerged from Boundary Park over the years. It would make interesting reading if it wasn’t so tragic.

The spotlight must now, once again fall on those who might see the managerial job at Oldham as a valid job opportunity. It defies belief that there was more than a handful of likely faces hoping to be chosen in front of Scholes, and whether their interest is still as strong is doubtful.

The most likely person to take up the reins is Peter Wild again. It is unlikely that a new face will be introduced with only nine games remaining and, Peter might well go some way to placating the fans who have decided that this season ended at Lincoln.

There were people who had already decided to call an end to the season and others who had serious doubts about renewing their season tickets. This latest debacle will not have helped change their minds one little bit.

Some may decide that they can stand the torture no longer and sever their ties for good. Nobody will blame them.

  • Two sides to almost every story, certainly true in this situation which was a classic example of one party chucking their toys out and the other one whilst out of the club and country…for a couple of weeks, not knowing that someone within the club was still acting in a way that undermined the Manager, the players, the club, team spirit and himself the owner.
    Wikipedia which allows anyone to actually add or change supposed factual information is surely mainly to blame, then of course the blog sites such as OWTB and others who combined probably have less than 100 members allow these members to write virtually anything they like, slagging off Managers, players, club staff and the actual owner of OAFC without giving any thought to the dangers of their actions.
    These same people spent the last 10 years trying to get rid of the previous owner Simon Corney, whom it now appears it’s alleged, was responsible for the new owner still having to face old and very old hidden debts to an extent of almost £5m….trying to do the right thing for Oldham Athletic but appearing in the eyes of these same stirrers to be the villain in the saga.
    We have players of a quality, we’ve not seen since our PL days, who are continually berated and flagged off, yet of a standard whereby they represent their Countries…the minority of these particular fans know absolutely nothing about football, making open comments that does nothing other than damage players and their confidence.
    Paul Scholes, in his short time confirmed we had players of real quality and I’ve no doubt that had he had the will to deal with the problems he claimed there to be the reasons why he walked out…and like most sensible grown ups…sorted it out with the owner, the owner wants Paul back and I for one would see that as a forward positive move, prior to that Mr Lemsagam should find out who and what caused Paul to walk out….and stop it and if necessary sack a few more as this is seriously damaging and daft.
    Finally I would be amazed if anyone could produce any real proof of any of the ridiculous claims that have been made from within our club during the last few years, fuel shortage for the lawn mower, washing machines, coffee machines, coaches, fights behind the scenes, many events resulting in sacking, including Jack Byrne and his deliberate leg breaking tackle of Fane, ending up with Byrne being acclaimed as a player who we should never release and Fane belittled for giving 150% every game, Davies, Gerrard and others gobbing off…because they couldn’t face club rules or discipline…’s never ending and whilst Abdallah Lemsagam remains determined to get OAFC back to a level he believes we should be at, fights the loonies, gets rid of the trouble causes….our club does have a chance.

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