Could Scholes Have The Same Impact As Lampard and Gerrard At Oldham?

It shouldn’t surprise anybody these days to find that allegiances are quickly broken in football depending on results on the pitch. A rookie manager who against all odds finds himself thrust into the limelight after a string of wins can so easily be cast aside and past successes are forgotten after one bad result.

That appears to be the current state of affairs down at Boundary Park. Most of the news about the next manager of the club seems to be concocted from wild (no pun intended) rumours and the latest betting odds, neither of which can claim to be accurate or based on any element of truth.

One fact that is well known and beyond doubt is that current favourite for the post, Paul Scholes, is a big Latics fan and has been suggested for the job on previous occasions. It was always been gratifying to see Scholes at Boundary Park when he had a free Saturday, but whether he’d be as warmly welcomed as the new manager remains to be seen.

He was apparently interviewed for the post in the past but has since taken up an interest in Salford City and owns a 10% stake in the club. That has led to a possible conflict of interest which may have to be resolved given that Salford might well be in League Two next season.

People will inevitably look at the success of Frank Lampard at Derby and Steven Gerrard at Rangers and wonder whether such a high profile name as Scholes could have a similar impact. What is abundantly clear is that Gerrard and Rangers have home support and associated income averaging just below the 50,000 mark, furthermore, Derby average 27,000 at Pride Park. It would be interesting to see if either of them could work the same magic on Oldham’s average of 4166.

For Gerrard and Lampard, their goals are European qualification and promotion to the Premier League respectively, whilst whoever takes the reins at Boundary Park is faced with attempting to revive a club that has been in terminal decline for the best part of 25 years. Scholes may well believe that his past playing career at the highest level and his contacts within the game would place him in an excellent position to take up the post, however, there has been a desire for some time to appoint a manager with a proven record and plenty of experience.

Like many who have passed through the revolving managerial door at Boundary Park, Scholes does not possess a great deal of managerial experience. He is rather dour in comparison with the media-savvy Gerrard and Lampard and faces what possibly could be the greatest obstacle of becoming an Oldham Athletic manager, which is getting the supporters to forget his long association with the much-reviled masses at Old Trafford.

Add to that the rumour that owner Abdallah Lemsagam is currently the only person involved in signing players, and you have a job which would be a poisoned chalice to even the most desperate of job seekers.