2 Games Over The Festive Period That Will Define 2019 for MCFC

City, despite a defeat to Chelsea, remain the “boys most likely to” in regards to winning the league, but the festive period is still as important to them as it is to everyone else

The most obviously important fixture is Liverpool at home on 3rd January.

Liverpool are the nearest rivals to City this season and, are currently a couple of points ahead of them in the Premier League. City will want to stamp some real dominance on this game, last season they won this by a cricket score, and would state their case that they haven’t become complacent if they were to do the same again this time round.

City have back to back away games too, at Leicester and Southampton. Of these two Southampton should be the easier fixture, so making sure to target the game in the midlands. It should be an easy win for City, but it’s important to not get complacent against a team that haven’t been disgraced in defeat to some big teams this season.

It is also a chance to show competitors that City still mean serious business and can dispose of top half teams with ease by big score lines.

The title race doesn’t look as easy this year, however lest we forget we already have 44 points. Which one would have been something we would be happy to have at the end of the season. Some easier games over the festive season give us a chance to get the ball rolling again and beating Liverpool would be a huge statement.