What Man United Fans Would Give To Have This Player in Their Team Right Now

Man United fans are currently in a world that is upside down, the blue half of Manchester are flying and claiming all the plaudits with their free-flowing football. Something not seen since 2013 at Old Trafford.

Since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, the Red Devils have been on a turbulent ride through David Moyes, Ryan Giggs, Louis Van Gaal and now Jose Mourinho. All have tried but the dark cloud of Fergie still looms large over Old Trafford, even though trophies have been won, the style isn’t there any more.

It’s been said for a very long time, but United need a Captain, a leader, a midfield general, dare I say it…a Roy Keane!

These past five years have been painful to watch at times, the lack of direction and motivation is apparent for all to see.

Keane, in this current team, could be the player that would transform the Red Devils into Premier League contenders. the way he carried his United team at times is just the type of player and performance United are missing.

Furthermore, that kind of player in the dressing room is very much needed, as it seems a Valencia isn’t the type of person to fire his teammates into line and give them a mini hairdryer treatment if they stepped out of line.

How would Keano fit into this team is another debate, would he be suited playing alongside Pogba and letting the Frenchman unleash the shackles or would Mata be the ‘Paul Scholes’ to blossom the partnership.

Whatever it is, Keane gets into this team, bosses and organises it with an iron fist and levels every single player up – because that’s what the Irishman expected as a bare minimum. He knew what it took to play for United, he also knew what it meant…something you feel sometimes is forgotten nowadays.

United fans, whose your old player to get into this current team?