On Loan Wigan Star Needs to Stay & Getting The Simple Things Right; Two Things We Learnt From Oldham’s Second Half Comeback Win

If you were looking to jot down positives from Oldham’s victory over Cambridge on Saturday, the first half was probably represented by a blank page.

It was the same old story of going a goal behind followed by very little effort to try and get back into the game.  Whatever was said at halftime, however, managed to rally the side sufficiently to completely turn the game around.

It is often said by managers that they can learn something from a defeat but there are far more things to be learned from a victory. Here are two things that Oldham can learn from the 3-1 scoreline…

It’s always worthwhile to get the simple things right

If you have plenty of possession and manage to force numerous corners, make sure that whoever is delivering the ball into the box is able to clear the first defender. Many teams in this division work hard on set pieces and on Saturday, the importance of delivering the ball accurately paid dividends as Edmundson met a corner perfectly to head Latics level.

Callum Lang needs to be here for the rest of the season

On loan Callum Lang’s goals against Hampton and Richmond in the FA Cup and Cambridge on Saturday were well taken, opportunist strikes and he has shown that his inclusion in the side is vital if Sam Surridge is likely to miss any more games.

We only have him till January 1st but I’d be surprised if he figures in Wigan’s plans despite their current run of poor form. It can’t have escaped the notice of Frankie Bunn that we need to extend that loan period until the end of the season.