Is Danish u21 Key to Bunn’s Hopes For The Rest of The Season

Losing players to injury can have a dramatic effect on form and morale. The recent injury to Jose Baxter which will keep him out of the action for six weeks, will no doubt give the already nervous Latics fans some sleepless nights.

However, the alarm bells were ringing when on loan ‘keeper Daniel Iverson was called up for International duty with Denmark U-21’s, forcing the club to sign a goalkeeper on emergency loan.

Previously, his International call-up along with that of Gevaro Nepomuceno had enabled Latics to get their league game cancelled but not this time.

Daniel was only going to miss one game, the home tie with Cambridge last weekend but given recent results and the increasing distance between Latics and the promotion places, it was vital that we picked up all three points. To his credit, stand-in keeper Alex Palmer performed well in the 3-1 victory over Cambridge

Oldham haven’t finished a season with a positive goal difference for ten years but with young Iverson between the posts, we are currently enjoying form of +5.

Of course, the defence can claim some credit for that but compared to last season when Johny Placide kept goal and swung between the brilliant and the bizarre, Iverson is a breath of fresh air.

We have him on loan for the rest of the season and with important games coming up, his confidence is just what’s needed to take Oldham in the right direction.


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