Spotlight Feature: Your Team – Altrincham

We caught up with Mark Rogerson, an Altrincham fan since the 70’s in our second instalment of ‘Your Team’ ahead of #NonLeagueDay.


How long have you supported Altrincham?

I’ve supported Alty since 1974. I’m 49 now!

What are your memories of your first match?

Not sure if it was my first game, but my dad took me to Everton v Altrincham in the FA Cup 3rd round in 1975. We drew 1 1 !!

I remember mainly how big the ground was and how high up in the stand I was.

What is the greatest Altrincham moment for you?

Has to be beating 1st Division Birmingham City in the FA Cup in 1986 at St Andrew’s. We had a fantastic team in those days.

What’re your hopes for the season?

Quite modest. Good FA Cup run…drew Stockport today so tough and finish mid-table in the league.

We play excellent football but are a bit naive at the back sometimes.

If a first timer was to come to your ground, they would experience…

A friendly environment, traditional stadium, excellent pies and a team that plays the game the right way.


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