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2 strengths and 2 weaknesses that will see Bury struggle this season

It’s been an absolute disaster of a year for Bury. A mountain of off-field problems resulted in their manager and the entire promotion-winning team leaving. Paul Wilkinson has recently been appointed as manager.

Dan from The Football Manc looks at a couple of strengths and weaknesses that will see Bury relegated from League One, the strengths were very, very difficult.


Bury have a loyal fan base, and I’m sure they will get behind the manager. It’s going to be a tough year for The Shakers regardless of who buys the club, and which players they sign.

However, the fans must stick with them. The new manager and players will give everything, support them and you just never know what will happen. Hard work, commitment and a bit of talent can get you far in League One.

They’ve got a manager & assured they’ll have a team come August

I know it’s not much of a bonus, however, I’m sure Bury fans doubted whether they’d even have a team to field in August. They’ve been assured that definitely won’t be the case, Bury will be playing on August 3rd. I hope their fans have a side they can be proud of, they were brilliant last season. It would be a real shame to see it all wasted, and they get relegated without a fight the following campaign.

They’ve lost every player

They have not got one player that started the final game of the 2018/19 season. What a turnaround. It just shows how quickly things can turn in football, it’s frightening. It’s not time to dwell on the past, they must move on and just try to sign a new squad. It’s all they can do now.

They’re in League One

If they were still in League Two, it wouldn’t be as difficult to build a side and consolidate, however, League One is a completely different ball game. It’s very competitive and there are some good sides. To compete, you need that balance between quality and experience, with very limited funds, I think Bury will have to settle for veterans who will give their all for the shirt. It may not be enough to keep them in the division, their effort will be undoubted though.

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