2 pros and 2 cons to Man City bringing in Serie A defender on loan to replace Laporte

It isn’t new news that Aymeric Laporte is out for Man City. However, it is new information that he’s had surgery which may put him out for longer than expected. The Football Manc Cave have picked out a player who Guardiola could get in on loan.

If Pep Guardiola wants his team to battle it out for the title again with Liverpool, then he needs to sort the defence out as soon as possible. The loss this weekend against Norwich was down to defensive mistakes. It’s unfortunate for the Blues because they knew they’d have issues at the back when Vincent Kompany left, but things have gotten worse with injuries.

Now that it’s really affecting their play, it’s probably time to find a replacement and that might have to happen in the January transfer window. Virgil Van Dijk and Laporte have both been compared to one another because they are deemed the best defenders in the Premier League.

Guardiola would have to find someone of that standard and one man who does live up to that is, Kalidou Koulibaly.

Here are two pros and cons for if the 28-year-old was to have a loan spell in Manchester…

Pro: Liverpool Wanted Him

With Liverpool being City’s brightest competition in the Premier League, how great would it be to take a player that they wanted in the past? They’ve admitted that if the deal with Van Dijk wouldn’t have gone through, Koulibaly would have been their next choice. That also proves that he’s up to standards.

Pro: Experience

He’s worked hard to get where he is. He’s spent his youth years at Saint-Dié and Meta. He had to work his way up through Meta’s B team so that he could break into their senior squad. The Frenchman has also played for Genk before moving to Napoli. He’s had 158 appearances for his most recent side since 2014.

Con: Own Goal

Every player has a bad game, every player makes mistakes, however, Koulibaly scored an own goal for Napoli a few weeks ago which handed Juventus a win. Mistakes like that happen from time to time but can Guardiola take a risk like that at this time? Absolutely not.

Con: Too Late

No matter who Guardiola decides to either bring in or work up from development, it could be too late. City has already thrown away points against Norwich which should have been a clear win. January is too far away for this defence to be sorted because of the number of games that will need to be played first.

It’s the work on the training ground that needs to be looked at with the players that Guardiola already has available and from all levels.