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10 years, 5 League Cups, 4 Premier Leagues, 3 Community Shields, 2 FA Cups…1 Man City Legend

Man City David Silva

Manchester City midfield maestro David Silva bid a fond farewell in a 5-0 rout against Norwich City.

First, let me make a confession. I was one of the naysayers, I should have learnt from previous experiences but I didn’t. He is too small to dictate things in the centre of the pitch in the Premier League. He won’t last 2 years, he went to Manchester City for the money, He lacks ambition, etc. 10 years ago, I said these things about David Silva when he signed for Manchester City.

The unique traits of the Premier League compared to other leagues probably made me narrow-minded. The physicality, mobility, energy, and the sheer excitement of having the fans so close to the grounds; are some of what made the Premier League so great.

David Silva belongs to the exclusive winger turned central midfielder class, a thing his former club Valencia have become quite famous for doing. Juan Mata, Pablo Hernandez are some of such players that their roles have evolved.

This is piece is not about the Valencia conveyor belt but about an outstanding product of that factory. He departs Manchester City a serial winner and a club Legend though they were termed Noisy Neighbours when he signed. Ten years of meritorious service, winning matches, winning titles, trophies, and overall domestic dominance.

An end of an era at the Etihad, David Silva was not just your ordinary player, he was special, he left his mark on the football pitch; interestingly I cannot remember a bad game he had in all that time.

The growth and progression of his career also coincided with a golden era for Spanish Football. His performance in the total domination of the Italians at the Euro 2012 finals remains fresh. Silva could do everything, well you may want to point to tackling as a major weakness, he made up for the shortcoming with his excellent work rate.

David Silva was good enough to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona, but rainy Manchester stole his heart. I cast my mind back to the ”six in the City” derby in 2011, the Spaniard was excellent in facets of the game. His ability to create space made it almost impossible to stop him. Those late runs into the box to finish up moves continued to demonstrate how impactful and intelligent a player he is.

You cast your mind back and wonder how just like Sergio Aguero; David Silva never won a PFA Player of the year award or a Football writers’ player of the year award; an award now won by the likes of Jordan Henderson. The world has lost its marbles, but will forever remember the dazzling performance, intricate passing and deft finishing of the diminutive Spaniard, I once wrote off.

God Speed, David Silva.

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